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Words to live by:

<> Do not abide fear (it is nothing).                           <> Strive to behave with integrity!

<> Do the best you can because time moves on!       <> Love those you know & care about ALL People.

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Welcome to the images page

constantly changing in so many ways....over time

the winding road of PEACE has commenced...

Plus, please remember, ain't nobody nobody else's puppet.

Furthermore, nobody nor nothing is perfect is what I think (got that?  does that make sense to you?).  Perfection is only in imagination and imagination is in the head of each one of us.  We all have our own individual brains.  

Why am I even typing this?  Seems obvious.  We each are individuals but we each live in a community.  A local community.

Plus, because we have our own brains, we each have our own thoughts.  Good.  We are not an ant colony now are we?  Gracious. 

within love is eternity.....or so it seems to me....so is the case for zero...zero is within love...simple

Two trees, two eyes, a chain (since broken), state, virtue, and liberty.  If interested or maybe curious, see this site: Sorry - it is a site no more (6317 307 pm est).

I've removed the picture of  Chester
that was here because not too long ago Chester broke his leg.
It was so odd the way it happened.  He was charging out to bark at some folks walking by,
and next thing I know he was crying in the street.  Wimpering bad.
He broke his leg big time.  He was lame.  Front right paw.  Recently, I've taken off the cast and his paw
will never be the same, but Chester doesn't seem to really mind. 
If you had seen his picture here, you might understand this.
Even so, makes me wonder if Karma had this in mind for Chester?
I doubt it.  Just a random fluke of an accident. 
Wonder how we can differentiate random flukes and Karma....anybody got any answers to that one?
If so, please let me know. 
Ken, 8/29/11.


Hey all you lawyers out there how bout this:  CONVICT, CONVICT, CONVICT, and convict.  Ain't that the job of a good lawyer for the sake of community longetivity?

Scale matters - big time!

Here is a question:  Does it take lawyers to convict a lawyer?  Hm.  I don't think so - seems like conflict of interest.....

Conflict of interest and rackets interest me.....oh yeah they do.

Don't forget about scale would be my advice.


"I proclaim no harmful intent" - I know - "easy to say"...

Tis between you and Φ  ~ use imagi-nation lovingly - what else is there to do twixt u & i?


there was once innocence......

there is innocence.....

there always will be innocence....

don't ever forget...

karma remembers...


I am a Karma believer!  Gotta believe in something don't you think so?  To me, an aspect of Karma is:  "you get what you deserve", and I think in this day and age of rapid communication and global interconnectedness, Karma's swiftness will become more and more rapid as each day goes by.  We need this for remedy to take hold is what I think. 


mirrors and tables - so essential...