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Words to live by:

<> Do not abide fear (it is nothing).                           <> Strive to behave with integrity!

<> Do the best you can because time moves on!       <> Love those you know & care about ALL People.

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Here are some simple suggestions for things we can do that are ecologically beneficial (please let me know if you have any comments).


1.  Plant a tree or maybe even better yet find the trees that grow in your yard and help them stay alive and grow bigger and stronger.

2.  Be aware of how you use plastic - it comes from oil so it should be considered a "precious resource" - much plastic is wasted today and this needs to stop -- don't you think???? 

3.  What i said about plastic holds true for so many other resources.  These resources come from the planet so they should belong to all of us, but they are being wasted for the sake of a few's profit.  This is not fair.  Waste not want not - isn't that what someone once said......

4.  Instead of using "powered" equipment, learn how to use good tools and your body with precision.  Also, try to landscape your yard so that some or all of it is allowed to just grow naturally.

5.  If possible start a compost bin. 

6.  Walk or get a bike for getting around whenever feasible.  Communities should be designed with this in mind.  Minimize car usage.

7.  Reuse things creatively.  Avoid "disposable" items as much as possible.

8.  Take a walk in your neighborhood and appreciate nature.

9.  Get in the dirt and plant something. 

10.  Reduce (or eliminate) consumption of meat. 

Anyhow, I am going to strive to do the best I can "ecologically" and I hope you consider this also.....small things can add up and grow into a "wonderful movement".  And now, let me leave you with a poem of sorts:

If someone wants to plant a tree, they should be able to do this for free (no money). 
As the Plains need the Buffalo to be healthy, so do People desperately need Trees to be healthy -- for the People and the Trees !!!!
Plant a tree!  Really!  I mean, really.  Please help the Trees grow.  OK.
Trees -- for they are nature's "solar device" masterpieces. 

Family-related idea - Added 4/18/07:

Survival Kit

Most Important:  LOVE & hearty laughs daily....

(This can be hard because it must be generated within -- even so, if you are having problems generating love or humor within, don't despair, it is there and probably wants out, let it out in my humble opinion, let it out..... -- IAH ("in all humility")

Item #1:  Energy Device (collects the wind or rays or maybe even a dynamo..)

Item #2:  Battery Device (stores the energy;  may need an inverter)

Item #3:  Detailed Intructions/Suggestions

Item #4:  other ideas that make sense for you and where you live.....share em why don't you.....


And now for some serious discussion that i've moved from elsewhere for the time being.....

Let me tell you one of them (the points).  One point is there are some delicately balanced global "ecosystems" that can be easily perturbed (or you might say "disturbed") and we need to better understand this.  I think the key is to better understand shapes and ratios.  Anyhow, let me show with math:

Simplified Hypothetical Example:


Ocean:  50 CO2 "units"       Air:  1 CO2 "unit"   


Ocean:  One unit from ocean transfers to the air.


Ocean: 49 units (2% drop)       

Air:  2 units (a 100% increase - "double the trouble").

Conclusion:  When it comes to CO2, small changes in the ocean's concentration can make big changes in the air's concentration.

Please be aware that the oceans are also precisely balanced and can only absorb so much...  

For many generations now, humanity has been a big goofy family killing ourselves because of our parent's feuds, fabricating doods, posturing prudes, petty egos, foolish followers, outright denial, and selfish treasure hoarding criminals & thieves who want it all for themselves.   Nothing is getting done, but the clock keeps ticking.  Makes us seem like a species that is dumber than fungus; dumber than grass; dumber than all the rest of life.  Can't we do better?

So what are we waiting for. 

I am going to do my part -- will you do yours?


Personal News - October 18, 2007 This morning at around 8:00 am using a needle and tweezers  I was able to extract a stuck bit.  I won't lie to you, I didn't think there was that much in there and just after I pulled it out i felt like crying for joy.  This experience has taught me two things:  (1) the body is amazing; and (2) if you have to keep on your toes (rather than your heel) you can.  Don't they say that adversity helps build character - now I feel much more capable because I have gotten through this small personal struggle all on my own.   Peace -- Ken. 

August 4th, 2009:  Oddly enough I came back here to edit something that (it turns out) I had already (edited - so for the fun of it I did it again.....).  If you bide time too long, then you are lost.....but sometimes it is better to let nature do what it must.  I had to take the tree down it was crowding the other two.  Two for one happens all the time.  Don't you think?  Have you ever played a game?  I have.  A whole bunch.  Bridge, Hearts, Spades, Euchre, Pinocle (not pinoccio), and many more.  I'm a player but not a speller.  I'll tell you that!  Ha. Ha.  Ha-squared!  and squared again, and tripled, quadrupled - googled in power for all I care.  I am alive and it feels GOOD!


Most of the individuals (our relatives - the past immigrants) who came to this "New World" --- most of them were trying to escape from a few so-called and usually self-anointed "nobility and such" or from harsh conditions causing them to toil and suffer just to survive.  Such was the case with my relatives on both sides.  So why, WHY??????, are so many so-called leaders still doing the same thing on a global scale - causing needless toil and suffering? 

Isn't there some sort of "golden rule".  Do onto to others as you would have them do to you?  It seems to me that for many this golden rule is only a rule of convenience.  They must think they are superior, but I know that they are not.  We all should know this by now.

We so need to learn collectively because time is of the essence.  We need Mutual Aid for the benefit of everyone rather than constant clawing and scratching just to get by for the benefit of only a few.  The so-called nobility are just imaginary. 

I would not want to be an offender.  I would not want to be with the offenders.  Leave if you are.  Quit.  Quit offending. 

I have learned to have much patience.  I have learned what I can do and what I choose not to do.  I'm learning all the time.  What about U?

Stronger, much stronger forces are now in play.  Can't you sense em?  I can. 

The Bottom Line:  Love is the bottom line and "love" is all about life. 

I want a government that stands for something of value and that recognizes at bottom all government authority is vested by The People.  I'm watching day-by-day and I hope you are too.

Earlier Thoughts -- May 9, 2007

I've been thinking quite a bit lately about wastewater treatment plants and landfills.  Basically they are very important and I think each neighborhood should have their own so that we are aware of our waste and minimize it as much as possible and "take care" of any that is left over appropriately.  Also, I think there are many good things (including "bugs" of vast value) that could be "mined and/or discovered" from landfills/wastewater treatment plants. 

Discovery (at least for me) -- May 2, 2007 

So it turns out that I have registered a domain name as follows:  "co2-trading.info".  It is ironic because not only can co2 be traded, but so can "co2-trading.info".  Wow, who'da thunk.

Thought --

When innocence suffers, karma will "wrap around" the offensive perpetuators of sufference.  Woe upon those who cause widespread suffering of innocence and woe upon those who believe widespread suffering is "necessary" for the "unbelievers".  Do you think you are superior to others?  You are not, and I say agenbite of inwit will eat you away.

Thought --

The US Constitution needs to include more specific provisions with respect to "Media" and "Transportation".  For both of these, I submit that there needs to be recognition that they belong to "the People/s".   

Thought --

The roots/branches of a tree and human blood vessels share many attributes in form.  Could this be a coincidence (most unlikely).  This form is ubiquitous because it is so life-affirming.  Small to large.  Large to small.  All for one.  One for all. 



Here is an awesome idea.  The idea is that public transportation should be FREE.  Check it out.


I put my ideas outhere (out there) & dare....... would love to have a debate...........  Who's willing???? 

Here is my plan as succintly as I can state it (it is just my plan and there are many other plans out there for sure):

1. Convict, Convict, Convict, Convict............(don't we need this for some justice ??? - i think so, but it can be tricky to find out who is behind what -- ya know --- but there is evidence out there....there always is....and some of the evidence has been blatantly obvious for a LONG time).

2. Call Constitutional Convention.  Congress must be changed because congress is broke (it seems that way to me....).  The "federal reserve" was a 1913 (Jekyll Island) fiat takeover (coup) of the government and needs to be permanently dismantled for the good of the People.

3. Diminish the Executive branch. It is too problematic for these times. Figureheads for ceremonies and such can be established -- that is the part some enjoy anyhow.  Enforcement ought be diffuse and local.  Centralized authority ought be diminished during a time of transition so that we can regain our roots which our based on generations upon generations of inherent wisdom.

4. I advocate a  Confederacy of States.  See link referenced in home page regarding a "People's Proclamation". 

5. I advocate a minimal active military.  National Guard located in bases within the US could provide assistance as needed for natural disasters as well as be a strong standing defensive ground force.  Navy subs and other ships as well as stealthy defensive aircraft located primarily around the coast could provide formidable and near insurmountable defense against any large-scale offensive military aggression.

6. I advocate a market system that emulates many of Adam Smith’s original concepts for fair trade.  We are not even close to this (see David Korten’s, “The Post Corporate World” for additional detail).  Corporate "personhood" as a concept needs to be abolished because it makes no sense and is perhaps one of the root causes of ongoing, needless, and widespread suffering of innocence.

7.  I advocate ongoing minimilization of any central and federal government plus there needs to be a new reserve created that is in the interest of the People.  Remember, it is time to eliminate the unfederal (privately held) Federal Reserve, which incidently has NO reserves (the Fed is Dead) - the professional "moneyhandlers" are corrupt and their behavior encourages suffering of the many - this is obvious and something must be done.  Let the central government's sole purpose be one of facilitating ongoing peace amonst the People -- ALL PEOPLE.  Education is key.

8. I advocate a worldwide effort to begin truly working together to find solutions for the many unprecedented ecological inbalances that we now are confronted with and for which we can not wait any longer to start addressing.  We need remedy for our own sake but especially for the sake of future generations (both those born and those yet to be).

9. I advocate governance at the most local level possible with a focus on making sure that everyone's basic needs (shelter, sustanance, free access to good health, etc.) are provided.  It is in the interest of everyone that this be the case, and i think the infrastructure for this could be rapidly put in place.

10.  I advocate "Appropriate Technology".  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Appropriate_technology


Lets agree on this (it ought be obvious): 

People, we can imagine and do so much better.  Plus remember this - no country is sacrosanct.  We should know this by now.  This is obvious.  What is real today is gone tomorrow if it loses virtue.  People are sacrosanct, but not countries or governments.  Countries come and go.  Wise countries can last a long time.....

Time is of the essence.



My sane opinion - stated simply:

Let there be PEACE on Earth