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<> Do not abide fear (it is nothing).                           <> Strive to behave with integrity!

<> Do the best you can because time moves on!       <> Love those you know & care about ALL People.

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From another site that is about to change.

The Constitution of the Iroquois Nations (as found at www.indigenouspeople.net/iroqcon.htm) continued discussion:

skipping forward some from the last entry on the previous page......

4.  You, Adodarhoh, and your thirteen cousin Lords, shall faithfully keep the space about the Council Fire clean and you shall allow neither dust nor dirt to accumulate.  I lay a Long Wing before you as a broom.  As a weapon against a crawling creature I lay a staff with you so that you may thrust it away from the Council Fire.  If you fail to cast it out then call the rest of the United Lords to your aid.

what does this mean to you.....

...to me it seems to be about:  Space

* Space is sacred;

* Sacred things should remain tidy over time;

* Sacred things are to be defended from harmful intent.  Call for help if needed.

Peace from me to you.  Peace.

After many, many "gaming sessions" these are the "rules" I try to play by:

1.  Play carefully.

2.  Play nicely whenever you are able.

3.  If you can't play fair, don't play at all.

4.  Its not just about the winning - its more about the learning (don't you know????).

5.  Play with consideration and remember:  if you learn, next time you can play better......

Peace, Ken....

So here for free on this day of January 24, 2010, a day when I declared my independance, I will tell you this.  When I realize that I am playing with a cheater, sometimes I keep on playing, but that is only because I plan on letting the cheater know that I know.  Cause in the long run, I don't play with cheaters.  In fact, I can't stand them cause they aren't that much different than puppet-masters who think they have the god-given right to pull all the strings.....So let this be a warning to all you cheaters out there.  You are nothing more than a dime a dozen if that even.

Furthermore, your actions are so obviously evident and we already know.  Just now all we are doing is deciding what to do with you cheaters, but rest assured, justified retribution is on the way as it always has been....because....well you know don't you? 


Definition 1: "Working Together"

Behaving synergistically with others on many levels. 


Here is an "extra credit" opportunity to conduct an experiment - hey, talk to your math teacher about it:

1.  Flip 8 coins 1000 times or more (the more the better).

2.  After each flip, document outcome.

3.  Create a plot showing each possible outcome and the number of times each outcome occurred.

4.  Describe the plot (or I could say what are your "sensibilities" regarding the plot that has been created by virtue of your tossing experiment).

5.  Anything else you think is worth adding?

So, if you choose to do this, just send me your results via e-mail.  My e-mail address is around here somewhere - you should be able to find it.  I will publish a study documenting the results - there could be some interesting outcomes in particular with respect to "error associated with coins".  In fact, the more you "document" about the experiment the more valuable the results will most likely be. 


this is why I originally started this website but now other things seem to be taking on a life of their own......I "wish" I could see this through, but I'm not sure it is going to work out that way for me....... (send me a note at buffalo_ken@kjh-es.com if you have any comments):

Voluntary Solar Power Contest (Revision 2)

Design a clean customized "neighborhood-oriented" solar power system.  You are encouraged to be creative with the ideas that go into the design.  Please communicate your designs/ideas and all the associated applications and ramifications. Be aware that ease of installation plus operation & ongoing reliability are key considerations.  Also, think of this.  If you have a great idea, others can recognize it, then it can spread.  Hey, if it was your idea, folks will know -- you done some good.  Peace.


Check out this site if you are curious where some of my solar power ideas have gone for the time being:



I think it is important to be aware of where things come from, how they are made, and what they can be used for.  A goal should be to minimize or even eliminate waste - just like "nature" does.  In fact, I think this is why I am so fond of the compost bin because it is all about efficient utilization of resources.  I can put leaves and grass and food waste and other organic scraps into it and later a useful compost forms.  It enables a real appreciation of "natural optimization" and makes me realize how important it is that we start understanding this sort of thing better. 

Also I enjoy making homebrew and homemade wine.  When I do this, I re-use the bottles thus significantly reducing consumption of glass.  I particularly appreciate the beer bottles (such as Grolsch and Fischer) which already have the "flip caps" so that bottling is simple and there is no need to even purchase caps.

Anyhow, enough of my rambling....

5/9/07 -- The two links below (that I highly recommend deal) with monetary policy.  One is a video and the other an article written by Richard C. Cook.  Check em out if you want to learn about this - it affects us much more that you might realize.


Note 10/10/09 10:40 EST - The original link I had no longer worked, but I found another link that does and have pasted it above.  This is what I think about "money".  Simply stated: money is a tool.  Debt is NOT a tool.  Debt is slavery and the sad thing is the way the financial system coupled with government behavior operates today, so many might as well just be considered "slaves".  This is unnatural and wrong.  We are not slaves.  I so highly advise everyone to do all you can to get out of debt and then remain as such.  Being free of debt is the first step towards true freedom.  Peace, Ken.

Here is the 2nd link:


Is it not now most evident that the "twisted and bound" pyramid schemes have been built upon "nothing"?  Nothing but future assumptions that are not going to hold true because they defy nature - even nature has limits.  Nobody (not even nobody) knows the future for sure, and when you think you do, that is the beginning of the end for you!  When you think you create reality, "true reality" will bite you in the butt and you will never know its coming.  But, if we honestly and frankly study history with an open mind and an open heart, and if we have some reverence for nature and a recognition that we are just part of the "big picture", then individually and collectively we can work together to help create a better future for everyone. 

How about this for a new kind of bank.  I think the banks that we have should be "banks of batteries".  Everyone would use solar panels/cells/whatever to charge one or more batteries.  Then, they would bring these batteries to the community bank.  Everyone in the bank could use the power.  Now, the bank would need to be self-regulating to make sure that what is used doesn't exceed what is generated.  It would be good for the neighborhood.  Central Power might not like it, but what good have they done for us lately -- not much!

Another Good Idea - 9/4/07 11:40 am (w/edits):  Why don't we all just start riding trains.  Yeah, we might not get there as fast, but you can work on the way.  What is the rush anyhow?  Of course, we would soon start needing more trains and railroad tracks and we'd have to start asking some serious questions regarding "ownership" -- I think particularly ownership of things that are transportation-related.  Also though i must say that all of the money spent on some of these fancy "light-rail" lines is wasteful.  The trains do not need to be "perfect" -- lets use some of the resources and infrastructure that is already there and not being fully appreciated.  The cost will be so much less and the benefit so much more.  More for everyone. 


The "Idea TRAIN" has started (no stopping it now)

I sense something GOOD is happening.  Finally !!!!!


 A message to a friend.

Let me tell you a really odd experience i had recently.  It was at my mom's house a month or two ago.  I was pulling out all of my mom's old carpeting because we had found awesome hardwood floors underneath.   So i pulled the carpet, and then after the carpet, i pulled out all of the staples and remnants, and then i put in thresholds plus quarter round.  Now the hardwood floors are beautifully exposed as they always should have been, and if i understand correctly they were put in during the 60's by Union workers - kind of funky huh? 

Anyhow, i was there working and i had been bringing the dogs along (i think we were watching "Lucky" during this time so i had both Lucky and Chester).  Well, my mom's dog, Lucky, decided to take off.  I guess i left him outside --- I can't remember, but anyhow, he had never behaved this way so i was not expecting it.  Well, there i find myself, at my mom's house doing work, sort of in my own world, and when i go to check on Lucky.......he is gone.  I had lost my mom's dog.  I didn't think he had it in him to behave this way.

Well lucky for Lucky (and lucky for me) it happened to be garbage day.  So i talked to the fine garbage man and told him i had lost my mom's dog, and he could tell, i was concerned.  I stayed concerned for a few hours.  It was most unpleasant.  Then i went for a walk to see if i could find Lucky.  This is where the weird part happened.  I didn't find Lucky, but when i was walking back home i swear i saw a leprechaun ------ do you believe me?  Whether you do or not, i know what i sensed, or at least, i know what i remember.

Anyhow, when it happened, i was thinking, listen here you piece of ship back and forth hoppin around crap ass laughing bullshit tired old inconsiderate leprechaun - if you can do anything, you better bring back Lucky.  Cause i sure as hell do not want to be responsible for losing my mother's insubordinate dog.

Well, i didn't see the leprechaun for long.  Maybe i never saw it in the first place.  But i do know this.  About an hour later a fella i never met from the Park Department knocked on my mom's door.  Turns out he and his buddy found Lucky, and they left Lucky behind someone's fence.  I followed him and his partner in their County vehicle and they took me to Lucky.  Man was I happy to see that dog.


 “There is a time when the operation of the machine becomes so odious, makes you so sick at heart, that you can’t take part; you can’t even passively take part, and you’ve got to put your bodies upon the gears and upon the wheels, upon the levers, upon all the apparatus, and you’ve got to make it stop. And you’ve got to indicate to the people who run it, to the people who own it, that unless you’re free, the machine will be prevented from working at all!” — Mario Savio, Berkeley Free Speech Movement

I'd go one step further and say this:  Let the machine "eat up" those few who think they pull the strings and then let it be no more.  Their own selfish ways will be their undoing when the machine pulls them in....thus will be the solution. For those who have caused so much suffering with no repentance will reap what they sow in the here and now.  This time.  This place.  The rest of us, who just want Peace and Harmony will then be free to achieve this.  We are all related and there will be plenty to go around when the machine grinds to a halt.

Don't you sense the insanity of the machine.  It is inhumane.  It is a shame.  Don't be part of it and it will have no hold on you.  Be humane to all and you will be free.  Let go of hate, let go of greed, let go of anger, let go of ego, let go of disdain.  Let go of clouded righteousness for it causes so much harm.  We can learn from each other.  We are all related and the time for Peace is Now. 

Time will tell and the time is now.


A final thought or two...

If some god put us here, how dare we behave so irreverently?  How dare we play with forces we do not understand.  These forces are beyond humanity's ability, and those few who think they are pulling the strings better get some humility mighty fast because there are some of us who know who you are and we ain't puppets.  If you think you are going to irreverently play with the children's future, let me just say to you - when it comes to the children, there are some of us who will put an end to your lies, your hate, your greed, your selfishness, and your large-scale criminal behavior.  There are some of us with a vision for a better future.  A better future for all - not just for the select few.  Justified retribution for the few is long overdue.

Based on my perception of humanity's spirit, I'm sensing some incredible "justified retribution" that swiftly blows away those few who continue to perpetuate large-scale suffering of innocence.  It is born of the mysterious "life force" that ensures balance.  It takes the form of equalizing "karmic bounceback" against those who cause harm.  It manifest as an awakened individual and collective desire to prevent future suffering of innocence.  It gains force as those individuals who acknowledge the role they have played choose to be better and to let go of inflated ego and false sense of superiority as they strive to find a remedial path of healing both for themselves and all others.   

Good intent will resonate and lead to more good intent.  Healing will resonate and lead to more healing.  It can happen oh so rapidly and become a wonderful, sustainable, growing and life-affirming movement.  Individually and collectively.  It can be a time of renewal for humanity that leads to peace and harmony. 

I pray for the spirit of humanity.  I'm receptive to letting it pass through me as we all can be.  We can choose peace.  We can make it happen.

Time is of the essence.