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<> Do not abide fear (it is nothing).                           <> Strive to behave with integrity!

<> Do the best you can because time moves on!       <> Love those you know & care about ALL People.

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wHO HEard wHO....where are u..

The who who was once here once queried:  if there could be nothing, then how could there be a thing who knows no thing?   which seems a pertinent question to me, but that poem has now been deleted from this page.....replaced by this one: 



A poem about deleting poems

Deleting poems is like blowing in the wind......

and may I remind you that


is no





Nothing is imaginary, but it is still a tool.

Just like money.  Nothing but a tool.

A thought on ideas


Who owns an idea? Once its out, then its out.

It cannot be owned, but can be shared.


Same goes for a concept.

Once its out, its out.


Beyond control and ownership. 

Its an idea for heaven's sake. 


It lives on and is constantly being...



It is not MI-ne.  It is not yours. 

It does not belong to h-IM.  Nor to hER.

If it belongs to anything it belongs to us all.


Anyhow, who can really own anything at all....



Small Who

How small can it go.  Infinitely so?

How go so; how go so small.

Art is small and big and tall.

Art is all.  Isn't it?

Well maybe not all.....

.....but it sure is a ball.

Good ole art..

full of heart..


Once its out, then its out.

Be a who----who chooses to

......choose life...



By the way - the 5th dimension is perception - its bundled up with so many strings in time (most of the time) - don't you think?

Oh yeah, super smother mother can't help herself - she's a mother for heaven's sake....reflections from her are everywhere.

Today (169) I've had an epiphany - this will be the last poem here - tis entitled:

Super Smother Mother

Ah, this is so fine

Another poem that goes the way of wine

Down the hatch

This poem is now removed from publication.

Live & Learn

Learn OR die,

Such is the way of physical


Good Riddance Super Smother Mother - you have been identified!

Ah, but no worry - I still remember super smother mother as she once was; just as I remember how this site used to be. But of course, time moves on, and everything changes over time...everything...but just some advice - don't mess around putting anything over nothing (x divided by 0 so to speak), because then you get "infinite mystery", and nobody knows what it means and nobody ever will!  Come to think of it, if you assume that an itty bitty number squared (x2) is "zero", I suppose that may be necessary to create some calculus (a great tool if there ever was one), but be aware - this means there will be flaws at the edges because we should all know that even an itty bitty bitty bit squared is still something - it ain't zero, because just like nothing, zero is only imaginary, and you can't get zero when you start out with something!  x-squared might be "negligible" (relatively speaking), but it still ain't nothing.  Zero is nothing but an idea that can never truly be sensed in any way - zero is unreal!

LIfe - 10/13/08

i was in a zone - couldn't miss.

Feeling good - feeling potent.

It was time for some "brats";

Turned the propane valve to start the grill

No propane - time to change the cylinder

This is when it went bad - needless to say

My toe is not very happy with me today!

Sometimes life has its own special way,

of teaching lessons about pain.


The Square Root of Time - 10/7

It started with a bit.

The bit bit for it, but it missed.  The bit that is.  The bit missed.

Then there was 1-0 a bit, then it became 10.

Then some sort-of split-square-wise number-stuff happened - as in square root.

A seeming "perfect" reflection was made - that sneaky reciprocal.

But its not perfect (it might purr if you stroke it nicely) ---

Please, don't forget about the zero-bit.  That bit moves around.  Up and down strings and such - I suspect it basically goes where it pleases, but it really doesn't interact - it just follows rules.  Probably isn't even alive in reality.

Plus, the "4-ones" setup that you get with the zero bit in the exponent spot is naught but potential compost ferment.

Sorry, but I had to say that.  Some things are evident.

Just because you call something "forever" doesn't make it so - it is a possibility, but not an inevitability.  Lets be a bit humble and thoughtful - shall we?.

Update on the "Life" poem above.  When I went to get the empty gas (propane) cylinder out, I indadvertantly bumped into a large paving stone that was unstably positioned - this stone came free and by virtue of gravity landed "right" on my big right toe (sandles are comfy but not very protective of things falling on big toes) - Let me tell ya..."hurt like the daisies", but I'm sure most of you have had similar-type experiences.  Regardless, once again, the body has Proven to me another more important lesson than pain:  Healing.  And lately after I heal from a painful incident, it seems my body comes back stronger and better than before.  Same with my mind.  Maybe we need a bit of pain every now and then for learning's sake.  Oh yeah, just yesterday I found a sad, lonesome, old, rotten shriveled up brat in the fridge - I threw it out.  Thats that as far as I'm concerned.

Here is a website I encourage you to explore - It presents a book from 1902 by a Russian scholar named Peter Kropotkin. The book deals with the most important topic of "Mutual Aid".  We know the large-scale opposite of "Mutual Aid", and we ought to know that it doesn't work!  Most of us do I think cause it is obvious. 

Anyhow, here is the site:


Pass thru me if you think you can.....i won't really re-sist;

Pass thru me if u please; ideas, and waves, & spirits tease.


 I have a poem for you......(this is an encore poem that once was published at this site
                        and so I decided today, May 12, 2010 - 51210 for the uninformed - to bring it back).
This poem could be considered mean, but it is not.  I consider it to be a solution.  A factual
                        one based on history, mystery, and math.
Enjoy, share, and spread - Why not!



My will must be yelled the pompous who

Wield the strings for we are the elite few


They did as told and chuckled with spittle

Oh how stupid are the small and little


What a marvelous lot we are on top

Superior we are; we can’t be stopped


Pass the wine; the wine of blood

We’ll do as we please for the rest are but mud



Out in the field toiling away

A lonely voice cried out – there shall be a new day


A knowing wind blew coming from the east

It spoke of the pompous who as nothing but a beast


The lonely voice was picked up by the wind

And carried aloft across lands and ocean


Others chimed in and soon there was song

Music of harmony no longer lonesome




The numbers grew exponentially

The strings were cut discriminately


Flapping in the wind the strings wound together

The chuckles were hushed by the foul weather


Ropes had been formed in mysterious solution

The time had come for justified retribution


The few felt fear…it was all they knew

The ropes pulled them in; a solution so true.



so much better if done together...........so much better if done together.....

Its Time




I consider myself a "shape" person....



Lets Wake Up and Sense the Connections…..

Time is of the Essence.....



This is my take on how things are "Konnected"


Us humans are part of an intricately woven environment, and

we have arrived at this moment because (so far) we

have fit.   But, the environment is a finely

tuned shape of magnificence.

If we think it "revolves"

around us, we

are done


If we

forget how

connected everything is,

we become disconnected ourselves 

collectively and individually (imagine that).

Then the environment responds,



Lets Wake Up and Sense the Connections…..

Time is of the Essence.....